Real Patient Stories

Real patient Jennifer

“What do I like about Dr. Miller and his staff? Everything! Dr. Miller is the best at what he does. He’s personable and has a wonderful chairside manner. He made the process painless and relaxing! His amazing staff is friendly and professional.

“As a result of the dental work I had with Dr. Miller, I have a better quality of life and no pain! I highly recommend him and will never choose another doctor.”

Extraction and Cosmetic Gum Treatment
Real patient Cory

“The entire team at River Valley Periodontics did an exceptional job in handling my care. The administrative staff at this office is receptive, caring and diligent.

“Dr. Oks’ personable manner made my care feel personalized and prioritized. She was comprehensive in terms of telling me what to expect regarding the treatment procedure and what the recovery process would entail. Dr. Oks’ expertise in her field is undeniable and truly remarkable. She is a seasoned and expert periodontist.

“The sensitivity I had in the upper left side of my mouth has decreased immensely, and the appearance of my gumline has vastly improved as well.”

Gum Graft
Real patient Lisa
“The practice is so warm and welcoming. The entire team makes me feel at ease. I had treatment elsewhere that was unsuccessful. Being able to receive implants has totally changed my confidence. It’s given me the ability to have a full range of chewing and allowed me to smile bigger and brighter. Dr. Cantner provided all these changes for me. The entire process was seamless and smooth—and the after-care provided let me know that he truly cared. I now have more confidence, and I’m happy to smile!”
Implants and Bone Grafting
Real patient Karen

“I needed a knowledgeable doctor to assist me with a permanent solution to my dental issues due to Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease that effects the salivary glands. My issues would not be solved with normal dental routines. That is when I met Dr. Oks and her competent and caring dental assistants.

“My first impressions were that she was a young, confident professional who I would feel lucky to have on my dental team. Those first impressions proved to be true and more. She is also kind, listens to my concerns and is always there for me. I never feared any of the procedures because she had my complete trust.

“Most important to me is the way the practice worked as a team with me and my dentists. When my dentist retired, Dr. Oks was included in those conversations to find the right dentist for my situation. This was a huge relief.

“Five years later, I have 11 implants that all work and are holding two permanent bridges firmly in place. It’s been a long haul with a great ending. I can smile again, and I can chomp into a hamburger or a piece of cake. I just attended my 60th high school reunion, and I was eager to smile for photos and reveal my beautiful, functional teeth.”

Dental Implants
Real patient Alex
“Dr. Miller made me feel so comfortable and safe under his care. I was in good hands. The procedure was easy and quick with results that were more than I expected to get back. I would recommend Dr. Miller to any of my friends or family.”
Real patient Cindy

“I liked coming to Dr. Foisie for my implant because he made me feel comfortable about the procedure. I was nervous at first about having a tooth pulled and having an implant made, but Dr. Foisie assured me it would be easy. I didn’t want to remember or feel the work. He and his staff were so kind and gentle, and when it was done, I really felt great. The post-procedure instructions were very clear, and he followed up to make sure I was healing adequately. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

“Dr. Foisie is very down to earth. He is confident, and I didn’t feel afraid of the procedure after discussing it with him. Everyone at the office is friendly, professional, prompt and confident. As a result of my dental work, I have a new strong tooth to feel good about chewing with.”

Dental Implant
Real patient Sarah

“Dr. Foisie is kind, personable, trustworthy and comforting. His dedication to his patients and practice is undeniably applaudable. He’s always willing to take time out of his personal life for his patients.

“The practice is bright, clean and friendly with a helpful and trustworthy staff.

“I had a great experience and now have a better looking smile! I would recommend Dr. Foisie to anyone looking to schedule any type of dental work, from surgery to minor upkeep.”

Dental Implant and Frenectomy
Real patient Katie
“The entire staff at River Valley Periodontics always makes an effort to put me at ease and make sure I am comfortable. I especially like the friendly, top-notch doctors here! Dr. Cantner is a wonderful periodontist. He is calm and always explains what my treatment plan is. I have vertigo, and Dr. Cantner and the office staff always take care to not exacerbate that condition.”
Gum Recession Treatment with the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique