State-of-the-Art Technology

Our offices are equipped with proven, cutting-edge dental technology to help us provide you with the most accurate, efficient and comfortable treatment possible.

Digital X-Rays

We use advanced portable digital X-ray devices that emit 85% less radiation than conventional X-ray machines and produce highly detailed images that are available in seconds.

A patient being x-rayed with a digital x-ray device

3D Cone Beam Scanner

Our rotating cone beam scanner captures three-dimensional images of your jawbone, allowing us to review your oral anatomy from all angles to plan your treatment. The system produces crisp 3D images in seconds while using far less radiation than medical CT scans. Our doctors use the CT scanner to precisely plan for your dental implant treatment, as well as detect problems, lesions and defects in the jaw that are not visible with conventional X-rays.

A patient being scanned with a 3D cone beam scanner

Implant Planning Software

Our doctors use special implant planning software to precisely plan out all of their implant cases. This software allows the doctors to simulate the entire procedure ahead of time so there will be no surprises during the actual surgery.

Doctor showing her patient the implant planning software

Dental Laser

The doctors use a dental laser to treat lip lesions, periodontal abscesses and peri-implantitis. The laser’s strength is adjustable and is used at a lesser strength in gum disease treatment to kill bacteria and stimulate the reattachment of the gums to the teeth. Our dental laser is far less invasive than standard surgical instruments.

Dental laser device

Periolase® for LANAP®

We use a Periolase laser for safe and effective gum tissue restoration and periodontal tissue therapy with LANAP.

Intraoral Scanner

Our doctors use an intraoral scanner to take fast, accurate and comfortable full-color scans of the inside of your mouth.

Intraoral scanner

Ultrasonic Scalers

We can use ultrasonic scalers in addition to hand instruments when treating gum disease. The ultrasonic scaler emits high-frequency vibrations that gently remove the plaque and buildup on your teeth and below your gum line. The vibrational frequency can be adjusted for patient comfort.

Ultrasonic scalers device

DSLR Camera

We use our digital single-lens reflex camera to take digital photos of your teeth, gums and surrounding tissues as part of treatment planning.

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A close up of a patients teeth being taken with a DSLR camera


A breakthrough in computer-aided implantology. Navident offers our doctors an easy to use, accurate, highly portable and affordable way to plan the desired restoration and implant placement for a patient and then assists in the guidance and accuracy in placing the dental implant.

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A doctor showing his patient something on a computer screen
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