Implant-Supported Dentures

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Natural-Looking and Stable Full Arches of New Teeth

Are you tired of loose, irritating or uncomfortable dentures?
Are your teeth so broken down that you can’t properly chew your food?

Here at River Valley Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, our doctors will give you options to replace your dentures or missing or broken-down teeth with stable, strong and beautiful full arches of new teeth using dental implants.

Whether you prefer removable dentures or fixed-in, permanent ones, we can give you full-arch replacement teeth that are stably fixed in place, look totally natural, restore near-natural biting and chewing power, and will not slip or irritate your gums. In some cases, our doctors can perform the entire procedure and have you walking out with new teeth the same day.

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Removable Snap-In Dentures

Implant-supported snap-in dentures are removable yet provide a much better chewing experience than conventional dentures. Using just two to four implants, our doctors can stabilize a denture so it can provide up to 10 times the chewing power of a regular denture. Furthermore, because dental implants provide stimulation for the jawbone, they will prevent further bone loss in the jaw (conventional dentures accelerate the bone loss that occurs when teeth are missing).

Snap-on upper dentures also do away with the false upper palate a regular denture has that covers the roof of the mouth. Without this, patients can feel and taste their food much better.

Illustration of snap in dentures

Special attachment points on the implants connect with corresponding sockets on the dentures, allowing you to easily “snap” the dentures in and out of your mouth.

Fixed-In Dentures

Implant-supported fixed-in dentures provide even stronger chewing power because they cannot be removed except by a doctor. Our doctors will place five to seven implants for this treatment, and the patient will wear a temporary denture while the implant sites heal and the implants fully integrate with their jawbone. After about three to four months, the patient receives their beautiful and strong new arch of permanent teeth that restores close to 100% natural chewing power, so patients can eat whatever they want!


The doctors also provide Teeth-in-a-Day. This revolutionary treatment option allows a patient to receive a fixed-in arch of new teeth the same day as their implants are placed. With their provisional set of teeth, patients are able to eat soft foods immediately, and they do not have to worry about having dentures that could slip or fall out. They will get their permanently fixed-in denture a few months later and will be able to enjoy near-natural chewing power with them.

New Teeth-in-a-Day instantly improved the appearance and confidence of this patient who no longer liked to smile.
New Teeth-in-a-Day instantly improved the appearance and confidence of this patient who no longer liked to smile.

How Teeth-in-a-Day Works

A 3D CT scan will allow our doctors to find the optimal areas of your jawbone for implant placement. They will often use long implants that are angled when placed to make the best use of these areas—this can prevent or significantly reduce the need for bone grafting and enables patients who have experienced bone loss to still be candidates for this treatment!

The provisional and final teeth will be crafted as one unit (complete with artificial gums) so that the load is evenly distributed and chewing power is maximized. Our doctors will work with your general dentist or another skilled restorative dentist to create the final teeth. They will be made from top-quality materials for a beautiful, natural-looking smile and to ensure longevity and durability.

Close up illustration of snap in dentures from the front perspective

Come In for a Consultation

Come see one of our doctors at River Valley Periodontics & Implant Dentistry and find out which full-arch teeth replacement option will work best for you. They will conduct a thorough exam and will answer any of your questions.

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Real Patient Stories
Real patient Karen
“I can smile again, and I can chomp into a hamburger or a piece of cake. I just attended my 60th high school reunion, and I was eager to smile for photos and reveal my beautiful, functional teeth.”
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