Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Patient smiling with perfect white teeth

Skilled Gum Care for a More Aesthetic Smile

As periodontists, our doctors are experts in treating the gums and bone that surround teeth. They know how to sculpt gumlines (and underlying bone, when necessary) to create beautiful, natural-looking smiles and correct issues including the following:

  • A “gummy smile,” caused by the gums covering too much of the teeth and making the teeth appear small
  • An unsymmetrical gumline
  • A tooth that is not exposed enough for a dental restoration to be placed on it

Fixing a Gummy Smile or Uneven Gumline

Showing too much gum tissue when you smile, or an uneven gumline, can make your teeth look stubby, short and unattractive. Our doctors skillfully remove excess tissue from the gumline to lengthen the appearance of teeth, establishing the proper height to width ratio for your teeth and creating a more attractive smile. They also smooth and sculpt uneven gum tissue to create an evenly proportioned gumline. To ensure these results are long lasting, the doctors can remove any overgrowth of bone under the gums that could be causing the problem.

This patient did not like how her smile looked so our doctor removed the excess tissue and also lowered her lip line, giving her much more attractive smile.

Crown Lengthening for Placement of Crowns or Veneers

Sometimes, a compromised tooth needs a crown or filling, but there is not enough of the tooth showing above the gumline for a dentist to properly perform the procedure. Our doctors provide functional crown lengthening to expose more of the tooth’s surface in preparation for a filling or crown that will fit correctly.

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Our doctor was able to lengthen the crowns on this patient’s front teeth, giving her a much more aesthetic look.
Real Patient Stories
Real patient Jennifer
“Dr. Miller is…personable and has a wonderful chairside manner. He made the process painless and relaxing!”
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